Mission Statement

The Department of Clinical Pharmacology is an academic institution which aims at providing expertise and special infrastructure on clinical drug development with the ultimate goal to develop and evaluate innovative therapeutic interventions and diagnostic technologies.

Established in 1992, the department is a clinical institution at the Medical University of Vienna. It is located in the 2.200-bed Vienna General Hospital (AKH), a specialized tertiary care hospital  and one of Europe´s largest medical centers. The close collaboration with the clinical and diagnostic departments at the AKH and other teaching hospitals in the Vienna region enables access to a broad range of health care infrastuctures. Through a cutting edge approach to practice, education, and clinical research, Clinical Pharmacology Vienna has achieved international prestige. Our training program in Clinical Pharmacology enhances career opportunities for graduates by providing education aiming at understanding the routine practice of drug therapy and the medicines research and development process.


"Linking university creativity to industry professionalism"